Parshas Bo: Understanding the Nature of Miracles

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  1. Margaret Wilson says:

    I found this very interesting. I deal closely with many African Americans who seem to think that their oppression is more severe than
    that of any other culture or race (tribe). I know it is true because I see the oppression/prejudice against Jews everyday–in some countries worse than others. The United States is better than most but it exists here too. It’s just more subtle. Sometimes I think the open is easier to deal with.

  2. Richard Michael (Yitzchok) says:


    Your article is very interesting, educational and inspirational. Have you read Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s “Rejoice O’ Youth”? That book contains the same ideas you have presented regarding the miracles within nature. According to Rabbi Miller (OBM), for example, an apple seed is a computer chip containing instructions on how to build an apple tree from soil, water and sunshine. If these were translated into English, these instructions would take up to ten thousand heavy volumes containing technical engineering language and very complex diagrams! Yet, all this is contained within that tiny computer chip, the apple seed. It must be that the goal of Torah education is to teach us gratitude, appreciation for our blessings, and never to take anything for granted, ever!

    Rich Michael (Yitzchok), New Haven, Ct.

  1. January 13, 2016

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