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Shoftim: The Dark Side

Have you ever felt that there really is, maybe, a dark side? Like, that in life there’s something that pulls you- experiences/things/people that seem to promise excitement, tantalization, like “wow, THAT would make me...

Onion Mushroom Quiche (pareve) 4

Onion Mushroom Quiche (pareve)

Who can say no to quiche? Make it pareve and it’s a winner every time, whether your menu is meat or dairy. Ingredients: 4 medium onions 3 cans sliced mushrooms 1 stick margarine 1/2...

Jewish Joke of the Week 4

Jewish Joke of the Week

What type of coffee did the Manna taste like? TASTER’S CHOICE! The Jewish Joke of the Week series thanks Rabbi Yaakov Moskowitz for sharing his original humor.

Authentic Italian Kosher Lasagna (meat) 0

Authentic Italian Kosher Lasagna (meat)

Looking for a lasagna recipe that tastes like the real deal? This one, from Mrs. Varda Epstein of Oorah’s Israel contingent, would have your Italian Bubby kvelling with pride. The trick is in adding...

Watch: Shabbos of Comfort 1

Watch: Shabbos of Comfort

Coming on the heels of the Three Weeks and Nine Days of mourning, culminating in Tisha B’Av, Shabbos Nachamu brings the Jewish nation a measure of comfort from all the sadness. Yes, we are...

Stuffed Fish 0

Stuffed Fish

This original recipe comes from Mrs. Raizel Hoffman of the Oorah kiruv department. Enjoy! Ingredients: 1 lb. fillet of sole or flounder 8 oz. frozen chopped spinach 1/2 c. grated carrots Medium onion, diced...

Eikev: If you listen 1

Eikev: If you listen

This week’s Torah portion, Parshas Eikev, opens and closes with two famous passages in which the Torah teaches us that the Jewish people’s entire fortune depends purely on whether or not they will “listen”...