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Stairway to Heaven 5

Stairway to Heaven

We ran and laughed like soft mad children, drunk with the feelings, from that place in the mind, that place where you feel again the safe cotton willowy breaths of infancy. We ran the...

scones 1


A high-fiber, low-sugar cookie. Ingredients: 2 1/2 cups of oats, any type 2 1/2 cups of flour 1/4 cup sugar 2 tsp. baking powder 2 eggs 1 cup oil 2/3 cup liquid (juice, soy...

Improve Your Speech: Part One 1

Improve Your Speech: Part One

First tip in our new series by Tova Younger on shmiras halashon: Start off by praying. At the end of every Shemoneh Esrei prayer (the silent prayer with 19 blessings that is the mainstay...

Jewish Jokes for Parshas Vayeitzei 6

Jewish Jokes for Parshas Vayeitzei

This week’s Torah portion begins with the words “vayeitzei Yaakov,” which means, “Jacob went out.” This is most appropriate because in this week’s parsha, Yaakov will get married- and how else can a person...

New Series! Improve Your Speech 0

New Series! Improve Your Speech

We are happy to introduce a new series by Mrs. Tova Younger to be featured on the Oorah Spirit, with tips on shmiras halashon, guarding your speech. The laws of permissible speech are numerous...

The Final Request of Willy “Moshe” 4

The Final Request of Willy “Moshe”

TheZone lost a beloved member with the passing of Willy- Moshe, as he liked to be called- about a month ago. This video is a touching memorial to a special person and his meaningful...


Does Prayer Really Work?

Josh recently lost his job in the economic downturn. He had no idea where he would get the money to pay his mortgage and bills. As his meager savings were quickly being depleted, he...



To a novice, the notion of baking challah seems very daunting. But there’s nothing like warm, homemade challah to start your Shabbos, and it turns out that once you get the hang of it,...

Jewish Jokes for Parshas Chayei Sarah 0

Jewish Jokes for Parshas Chayei Sarah

In this week’s Torah portion, we are introduced to the father of all crooks, Lavan, the brother of Rivka (Rebecca), the wife of Yitzchak (Isaac). In the upcoming Torah portions, we will see how...


Are Jews Brainwashed?

This Bronx teenager nails in right on the head. Weigh in with your own thoughts on the matter in the comments section below. h/t Collive.com