Oorah Spirit

symbolic candy for parshas shemot 3

Parshat Shemot Sweets and Treats

In this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Shemot, the Jewish people multiply in Egypt. Pharaoh is afraid of the growing numbers so he enslaves the Jewish people, forcing them to build storage cities for him....


Muffin Roundup

From savory to sweet, you’re sure to find a favorite among these delicious muffins by kosher.com Blueberry Muffins           Sweet Squash Muffins             French Vanilla...


Oorah Chanuka Concert Highlights

Hundreds of Oorah guests enjoyed performances by 8th Day, Benny Amar, Zemiros Choir, child soloist Yehuda Kirshner, and The Twins From France, music by The Shloime Dachs Orchestra, and of course inspiration from HaRav Chaim...