Tisha B’Av- A Personal Tragedy? – with Rabbi Shaya Levin

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3 Responses

  1. Caren May says:

    Very strong and beautiful tape.
    Outstanding photos & yearnings for geulah.

    Please include some photos of girls striving to do mitzvahs so that the girls feel connected. Thank you.

  2. Rebbitzen Devorah Feinstein says:

    Very profound words. So meaningul. To be clloser with Hakadosh Baruch Hu can only be with continuous acts of chesed to all of our fellow Jews.

  3. Rivkah says:

    Very powerful video. It looks like an enormous amount of effort went into it. But please do not put in people stabbing another, even if it’s a terrorist doing so. It’s too damaging for adults and especially children to look at and to think about. It takes up sacred space in the brain and psyche of those watching it. Your message is too powerful to ruin it on , on the spot violence. Thank you and Hatzlachah Rabbah for all the good you do!

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