Tisha B’Av 2017: What Are We Missing Today?

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  1. m says:

    Please get rid of the music at the start of this video so we all can learn about Tisha B’Av during the 3 weeks. Thanks

  2. arvind nigam says:

    Brilliant Presentation.

    לשנה הבאה בירושלים
    Oh G_d, why have you forsaken us?
    How much longer?
    Why not in our life time?
    How many more Rabbi’s
    How many more have to die?
    Are you trying to give us hope?
    Are you damning us for eternity?
    Where is the Hope?
    Who will Mention Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg and his family Slaughtered in Bombay India (11/26/08)?
    Survive to Die?
    Land for peace? Two State Solutions? (This is not victory this is compromise: Live to die another day??????)
    One for All? or All for One?
    (We are afraid to Cherish our victory and we often find ourselves apologizing for who we are, as we keep moving away from the Torah)
    Affluence is not an answer to survival, it is not a hope to the less affluent.
    Who are the Chosen? the affluent amongst us?
    We Need Mashiach Now!

  3. Mark Alcock says:

    On this most sad day of Tisha B Áv we mourn for losing God”s Spirit who dwelled in the most Holy of Holies before the 2nd Temple was destroyed, largely due to a lack of faith ,trust, belief and obedience unto God.

    These 3 Rabbi’s recalled many horror stories in minute details ,about our so-called zealous Christian forefathers whom committed unspeakable sins whilst clothed as Crusaders with the red Cross woven on their tunic uniforms covering their chests wielding sharp swords in their bloody hands ,whom set about killing most of the European Jews in 1478.They even entered the church to kill 700 Jews whom were in hiding with the Bishop who was murdered too.And we call that Christian ?
    where did the Christ-like message go so horribly wrong – was it perhaps re-authored to motivate evil, war and murder ?

    Maybe us Christians should open our closed minds and steel hearts to be more genuinely Christ-like ,and on such a holy lamenting day such as Tish B Áv we should also engage in a holy-holiday of deep mourning the loss of God’s Holy Spirit .But also , for the sins of our forefathers ?

    After all in this sinful Crusader context ,here it makes more common sense how to understand the mind of God at work and why it was necessary to warn us why to stop sinning from generation to generation. Because we seem so fallible , God realized the profound perennial punitive warning should be exercised and included for all generations .The Word of God was breathed into human minds who wrote on His behalf as co-authors to save and bless us ,much like good medicine can save a dying person ,i.e. a preventive ( rather than a cure ) inclined and desired to stop all generations sinning ,which reads : ” The sins of the fathers will be visited upon their children .”

    Think and pray everyday !

  4. Anyim Anthonia says:

    Very inspirational message. Toda.

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