Are Jews Brainwashed?

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  1. shirley says:

    That was awesome!!!

  2. shirley says:

    That was awesome!!!!

  3. Lew says:


  4. I am showing this to our teen club at Hebrew Cong. of Somers, Somers, NY is terrific!

  5. I am showing this to my Hebrew School teen group. Ethan, you are terrific!

  6. pearl says:

    A sight for sore eyes, this is beautiful. May all our children follow and pass on our glorious heritage with passion and conviction!continue to enlighten the darkness!

  7. jimmie says:

    everyone on this planet, gets indoctrinated, taught, brainwashed. it is most unfortunate, that the degree of diverse alleged truth is too often varied away from what is really true here in TheTorah. the standards i was taught, are not my own. and i must be cautious as to, whose standards they are. if they are not from G-D, then i am already hopelessly lost. and all too often, the truth of others, is from other g-ds.

    there is no which way you can turn, and not run into idolaters all around you. and even they are going to try and indoctrinate you, with some kind of new not here in TheTorah testament. even though TheTorah is all that G-D, claims to be giving here in it again for 7days. as we are now here, near the end of the sixth day again. in this world so hopelessly lost, they do not even suspect the arrival of adam and his mate again. because they all errantly think, TheG-D of only TheTorah is a liar. even though HaShem G-D, has continued to give the whole Torah happening, ever since day one again in Parashas Noach.

    yes the whole world is indoctrinated, and it is most unfortunate. they are most all indoctrinated against G-D here in always TheTorah again.

  8. I so enjoyed hearing this. Values carried into the next generation

  9. I am so glad to hear this Values carried into the next generation

  10. Chaia says:

    Excellent! Ethan, you are right-on! Yasher koach!

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