Monthly Archive: January 2017

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Kosher Fish 101

What makes a fish kosher? A great article from, here’s a comprehensive FAQ on kosher fish. Q: How do we identify a kosher fish? A: The Torah (Vayikra 11:9) says that the simanim of kosher...


Challa Baking for Dummies

Tamar Ansh, a veteran challah baker, shares the tips and tricks she’s learnt from her experiences in the kitchen. Baking challah for Shabbos is a unique mitzva special for the Jewish women. Whether you’ve never baked...


Shabbos Recipes

Cooking for Shabbos each week shouldn’t be difficult and time-consuming. Enjoy these recipes courtesy of, try some or try all for a variation of your Shabbos menu. The best part about these recipes: they’re...