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Re’eh: Don’t wander astray 6

Re’eh: Don’t wander astray

The group set out one cool summer morning, looking forward to the challenge ahead. The four friends had grown up together in a small town on the edge of the desert, and were all...

box of chocolates 0

Tu B’av: Lessons for a Relationship

You’re more likely to find sales on salmon rather than heart-shaped boxes of candy in kosher supermarkets during the Jewish month of Av. That’s because the month begins with the Nine Days leading up...

Matos-Masei: Living in Exile 6

Matos-Masei: Living in Exile

A concept that we as Jews are well acquainted with and a word we hear often is golus (or galut, depending on where you’re from), exile. Particularly at this time of year, the “Three...